Beauty & the Beast 1.10 : Seeing Red

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How amazing was the latest BatB episode!? I have so many thoughts and comments about Seeing Red and Bridget Regan joining the show as well as the love triangle between Cat, Vincent & Alex. I had so many feels watching that episode and I am so excited to write about it, I am literally jumping in my seat. However, I am sad to say, dear readers, that school has been keeping me busy these past few weeks and as such, this blog may be empty for a while. I haven’t even finished the Les Mis review, oh dear! But I promise I will update this blog. Soon. Expect it the week around Valentine’s Day.

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Breaking Dawn Part 2

Readers, for the ultimate Breaking Dawn review experience, please click play on the video link below.

Have you clicked it yet? You have? Okay then, let’s begin.

First things first: I am not a Twihard. I am not on Team Edward, nor am I on Team Jacob. After watching the epic fail that was Twilight, I didn’t even bother watching the subsequent films…and yet I watched the second part of Breaking Dawn. Hmmm…I guess a part of me still wanted to see the ending played out on the big screen. A lot of you guys who have read the books and felt disappointed by the movie probably did the same thing. Yes, I have read the books. All of them even but, as I have mentioned earlier, I am not a Twihard. The books were actually recommended to me by my best friend a few months before the first film was released. The books, although not bad, lack detail. The story and the romance were pretty shallow for my taste and I did not get any “feels” (A very important element for fangirling!).

I have to be completely honest with you guys. I still don’t buy Belward as a couple. I can understand that Bella likes him but it just doesn’t feel like REAL love to me and I know this is off the review but have you guys read the Sword of Truth series? Richard and Kahlan romance will make you cry and want to die of heartache. THAT is real love but anyway, back to the review…Breaking Dawn Part 2 is actually a pretty decent film. Much better than the previous ones but then again, I’ve only watched Twilight so how should I know? One thing I like about this movie is its accuracy with the book. It is pretty accurate actually although I must confess, it’s been almost four, five(?) years since I’ve read Breaking Dawn so my brain is pretty hazy with all the details and who was supposed to do what to who BUT I do remember two things that I liked reading about in the book: the battle scene and Bella finally having a power of her own – two reasons I got off my lazy ass and headed to the nearest cinema to purchase a ticket. Nope, not Renesmee although that was kinda interesting as well.

So the film begins with Bella finally waking up to a whole new world because yep dee doo, she is now a vampire, courtesy of Edward who had to do it because their baby was growing at a super accelerated rate which was killing her. VampBella is now super strong and also super hungry so Edward takes her out to the mountains to hunt. The CGI of Bella tackling a deer was so funny it made me laugh out loud. Anyway after that they head back home where Bella meets widdle baby Renesmee. Just a little trivia for those who haven’t read the books, Renesmee is actually a combination of Bella and Edward’s mothers’ names. Renee + Esme = Renesmee and voila! The studios decided to use a CGI baby that made everyone in the cinemas go all, “Awww!” but I was all, “What the hell!?“. I was doing my best to contain my feelings and the strong urge to murder the people sitting behind me who felt it necessary to express how cute baby Renesmee was every time and it’s not that I’m a baby hater (Okay, maybe I am. I can totally relate to Robin from HIMYM). Babies just look so weird to me so a baby further enhanced by CGI was all the more creepy, okay?

Fake baby alert!

Baby Renesmee also “glimmers”, not in the same way Edward “sparkles” but the CGI- her colors are more “shiny”and “glimmery” when around others, kind of like a hologram. I don’t really think I’m explaining this so well but I hope you guys get my drift. This however, was not the most disturbing scene in the movie. There’s another scene towards the end that totally trumps this one. *Hint hint: It also involves CGI*

Bella finds out that Jacob has imprinted on “Nessie” and Bella was all like, “I’m gonna kill you! How dare you imprint on my daughter!” Dude, not like he can help it but if I were in Bella’s shoes, I’d probably freak out too. Not just because she’s still a baby and you’re a grown man kind of thing but due to the fact that that’s her daughter. Bella’s a new mom. She has the right to be possessive. Hell, even I was enraged and annoyed when Jacob kept holding Renesmee. For God’s sake, Jacob, let her parents hold her! You’ll have enough time in a few years. Chillax.

Anyway, Renesmee is a very special girl. She’s half blood because she was conceived when Bella was human. She also grows at a very alarming rate. Towards the end of the movie, it was actually mentioned that she will grow into adulthood after seven years sooo yeah, Jacob. Seven more years, okay?

I would actually like to commend the casting directors for casting Mackenzie Foy as young Renesmee. I thought they did a really good job. If they said that girl is Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson’s daughter, hey I would’ve believed it.

Renesmee doesn’t talk much during the movie which was something that bothered me while I was watching the film…until I remembered that she didn’t talk much in the books either. She’s more of the “talking-is-lame-lemme-just-touch-you” type of girl. You see, according to Twilight Wiki, Renesmee has tactile thought projection abilities. The Volturi, who never bothered to check Wikipedia, thinks that she is an immortal child: creepy blood-sucking monsters under the guise of innocent children. They are considered very dangerous as they can’t control their blood lust. In the olden days, the Volturi had to intervene and kill these immortal children to prevent a human massacre. Now why is this a bad thing, you ask? Shouldn’t the Volturi be glad that vampires are growing in number and killing all those puny humans BWAHAHAHA? Well, not exactly. You see, the Volturi is like vampire royalty. They are the law. They don’t want people to find out about them. If these children are unleashed to wreak havoc in town, hell yeah there will be a hunt! Vampires will be exposed and hunted down, which then leads us to the main plot of Breaking Dawn: The Volturi wanting to kill Renesmee for fear of what she is and what she might do and the Cullens trying to protect her.

One fine day, Alice, who has the ability of precognition, gets the vision that the Volturi are coming for Renesmee. She and Jasper up and left to God knows where but not before leaving a note for Bella which says:

The Cullens then decided to find their other vamp friends around the globe and bring them back to Forks to serve as “witnesses” to prove Renesmee’s not immortal. Of course, since the Volturi are known to be the act first question later type when it comes down to a fight, it wouldn’t hurt to have more vamps on your side, am I right? The Cullens find allegiance with the Denalis, the Amazons, the Irish…and some of them have really cool powers like Kate and Benjamin who can electroshock you to death and manipulate elements. In your faces, Jane and Alec! Oh yes, there’s also Zafrina who can “blind” people; make them see only what she wants them to see but the biggest shocker homigod moment was, drum roll please…Bella has shielding abilities. Yes. Finally she can stop being such a damsel! FINALLY! Thank thee Lord! And this also explains why Edward wasn’t able to read her mind in previous books/movies.

Now our team must get ready for the Volturi and the battle that might ensue if they decide to attack first. So here’s the plan: Carlisle will try to negotiate with Aro, try to settle things peacefully and make him see that Renesmee is a human/vampire hybrid and should be allowed to live. If all else fails, then baby IT’S ON! Since Bella has shielding abilities, they trained her to project her shield to protect others as well.

I was really looking forward to these training and fight preparation scenes in the movie but they were sadly disappointing. I guess I have always envisioned this to play out with some upbeat, powerful song playing in the background like Eye of the Tiger that will make you feel all pumped and ready to kick some ass but nope, the scenes were pretty dull. Bella’s training was brief but this I can understand since there’s not always enough time to do this in a movie but the campfire scene the night before the big fight felt so wrong. I felt like they were sitting ducks waiting to get killed and that they could’ve done so much more to get ready. Anyway, Bella tells Renesmee to stay with Jacob tomorrow; that he will keep her safe. Amidst all this, I ask: Where the hell is Edward? This could’ve been a touching family moment right here.

Another thing that I feel the movie could’ve improved on is the family dynamic between Edward, Bella and Renesmee. There should’ve been more drama and family hugs and reassurances of safety. I didn’t feel the family love, is all I’m saying. Maybe if the movie focused more on the drama and the internal struggle within these characters, I would’ve been more invested in watching the film. Feel free to take my heart and put it in a blender, please!

When the day of reckoning finally arrives, the Volturi march around in a horizontal file in their red and black hooded capes, a major contrast to the snow-filled land and mountainous landscape that was to be the arena. In other words, they looked so imposing and totally badass. Bad news though: there’s a lot of them but not to worry causs the Cullens have the werewolves on their side. Since there has been more vampires coming into town recently, more of Jacob’s relatives have transformed too, sort of like to balance the scale…but stil,l they’re outnumbered. I have really pictured more vampires on the Cullens side while reading the book but I don’t know. Was it just my brain inventing all this?

Alice then makes her grand entrance with Jasper following close behind. She lets Aro read her, to show him that Renesmee was conceived when Bella was human which makes her NOT immortal. Geez, how many times do I have to say this? And then…

****************************** WARNING MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD *************************************

And then…they killed Jasper! Alice screams in agony but the Volturi has got her and wouldn’t let her go. Carlisle makes a mad dash towards Aro kills Carlisle! (This was so not in the books!) That soab! And my heart ached for Esme as she screamed a (silent) scream of agony and the gang was like, “That’s it, that’s it! The Volturi are going DOWN! Everyone, open fire!” as they all charged towards the Volturi. There was screaming and tearing of skin and ripping of throats (but surprisingly no blood. lol. If this was not a PG movie, that snowy landscape would’ve been covered in blood by now. No need to thank me for that wonderful visual.)

Jacob, with Nessie on his back ran to the woods to protect her but they were pursued by two vampire assholes. Back to our frozen landscape, shit was going down. Werewolves and vamps were being taken down for the count. Jasper’s death sent Alice on a murderous rage as she executes her matrix-like moves and kills the other bloodsuckers in her way. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, they say. Jane was inflicting pain on Seth and ohmygod they killed Seth too! And Leah! Noooooo! Alice dashes towards Jane, killing several Volturi members in the process (Atta girl, Alice!) and gives Jane a death stare that says, “You goin down, bitch!“. Jane runs for dear life but it was too late. Alice, who is shielded by Bella, drags Jane like a ragdoll on the snow and feeds her to a wolf who mauls her face off and just like that, Jane was a dead vamp. (Oh, the irony). So now who’s the next target? Aro, you lucky bastard! Come over here! lol. Edward kicks the shit out of Aro and Bella strangles him from the back (I really don’t know what’s the issue here. Aro shouldn’t feel suffocated, he’s already dead for Christ’s sake!). Then she breaks off his neck, decapitates, and kills him.

Then WHOOSH the scene goes back to Aro reading Alice. Erm…what just happened?

Turns out the fighting didn’t happen at all. We were all duped. As I forgot how the novel ended, I was also duped. Those battle scenes we saw earlier? All in Alice’s head and we were taken in for the ride as Aro sees this. Edward brings Renesmee forward to let Aro touch her and prove, once and for all that she is not a freaking immortal child. Nessie touches Aro, a choir of angels sing (in my head anyway) and Aro is now a convert. He also has the creepiest laugh, I swear to God. (Michael Sheen plays this role oh so well!) Alice brings out Nahuel, a half-human, half vamp hyrbrid like Renesmee as evidence. Ahhh! So that’s where she and Jasper went off to. To find this fella. Caius, however, was still all “No, we must not let her live!” but Aro, knowing that they were pretty much effed up if he was to allow the fight to happen says no and that the child was to be left alone. And the Volturi leave. For now.

Also, I am happy to say that as the fight never happened, Carlisle, Jasper, Leah and Seth live and there were no casualties. Yaaaay! Well, except maybe for Irina.

And all is well again.

******************************************* END SPOILERS *******************************************

Now we head on to my favorite scene in the entire movie: the conclusion and end credits. Readers, please replay Christina Perri’s “A Thousand Years for added feel.

When all the excitement has died down and the Cullens are finally back in their home in the woods, we cut to a scene of Alice, who was watching our mains. We see a premonition she has of Renesmee and Jacob’s future. Ladies and gents, this is the most disturbing scene in the movie that I was talking about. Teen Renesmee and Jacob were on the beach (and there were hugs) and they were quickly followed by Bells and Eds in a backdrop of the setting sun. They took young Mackenzie’s face, photoshopped it a bit and pasted it on a teen’s body. What the hell. It looked awful. I couldn’t find the actual scene on Youtube but I did find this one where Jacob imprints on Renesmee. I believe it’s from part 1.

The last page

The final scene of the movie was in a meadow where Edward and Bella profess their undying love for each other. Bella tells Edward that she has learned to control her power; to relax her shield so that he could read her mind. She shows him visions of all the things they’ve gone through aka flashbaaaaacks! Flashbacks from the other movies! I honestly felt this was so cheesy and was even all “Eeeew, Bella and Edward.” *rolls eyes* in the beginning but I gotta admit, this whole concept was pretty sweet. I tried to imagine how I would feel and react if this was my OTP that’s doing this so…yeah. Wait, does this mean that I don’t really like this scene then? Uhm…but i do like that the final word uttered in the movie was the same word written on the last page of the book: forever. What. a nice. connection.

And then, there was the end credits. I LOVE Breaking Dawn’s end credits. In fact, I shouldn’t even be calling it that. It’s more of a music video montage with A Thousand Years playing in the background. All the actors who have been a part of the Twilight saga were included, even those with minor roles in the first movie. What a really lovely thing to do. If I was a Twihard, I would’ve totally sobbed in the movies right then and there. The montage was such a genius move and I especially loved how they managed to connect the movie to the books. I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED how when they got to Jacob, Edward and Bella’s parts in the montage, there was a flipping page effect that showed the excerpts where we first met these characters and how they were first introduced in the books. Stephenie Meyer, are you responsible for this piece of awesome? Thank you.

Other comments about the movie:

– I would’ve liked the battle scene more had they fully utilized the powers of Benjamin, Jane and the others with special abilities. If I had those skills, I wouldn’t bother to fight physically. I would just be standing there, spreading my badass powers and inflicting pain everywhere.

– Kristen Stewart, stoic as ever. And why does she sound so monotonous? Even her line delivery sounds dead

– Was it me or were the vamps looking a little less pale in this movie as compared to the others

– I love Alice’s character. So kickass. Bella should take lessons from her

– Charlie’s reaction when Jacob was spilling the beans on his identity as a werewolf was so hilarious. He totally thought Jacob was hitting on him! Lmao

– Who else laughed at Emmett’s sexual innuendos?

My overall rating for Breaking Dawn is… a 4/5. It was going to be a 3.5 but because of that beautiful montage in the end, the movie gets an extra half point.